Green growth in every field

As a long-standing family business, we at Herrmann Kräuter do not only possess evolved expertise but also well established structures. These include highly qualified employees as well as close collaboration with other farmers which allows for sequential land use, crop rotation and healthy growth.

Proven co- operation with logistics companies, domestic and abroad, ensure a reliable transport and in- time delivery.

This is why any specific order of herbs, grown on approximately 100 ha of land or in our green houses and harvested in the early morning hours, reaches our customers as early as noon.

At Herrmann Kräuter, we use the latest technology to keep up our high hygiene standards. The herbs are cooled down to 2 °C as quickly as possible for which we have two cold stores with a combined 1000 square metres of area to our disposal.

According to the customers' requirements, the herbs then go to specific processing and packaging lines where they are washed, weighed, bundled, wrapped up and labelled.

The finished herbs are directly loaded and brought to the customer, even on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

In the months where harvesting is not possible, we meet your demand by importing from certified and personally known partner businesses in Spain, Cyprus and Italy. The delivered herbs are traceable right back to its land of origin through "Global Gap".

German chives

German chives are produced throughout the year. During the winter months, they are grown in our own green houses.

In order for this to be possible, chives bulbs are lifted and frozen in November. According to demand, they can then be replanted in our green houses or in a pot to be brought up without using pesticides or fertilisers. Although the winter- chives have got a slightly brighter colour, they are equally as rich in vitamins and flavour.

Hence, you can enjoy fresh herbs even in cold winter months.