Back to the roots

Quality and assurance

In order to ensure optimal quality of our products, we at Herrmann Kräuter provide for complete traceability from beginning to end. This is achieved through our specially developed ticket number distributing system and "Fruchtdat".

In this system, every patch is provided with a unique QS- code which can be identified using the corresponding ticket numbers.

Before harvesting, each section is inspected for potential deficits. If none are found, the herbs are tradable and the patch is cleared in the ticket number distributing system. The foremen then know that this section can be harvested.

In addition to that, every box has its own "slot number" so that every goods receipt and issue can be recorded in our computer system.

Traceability of our products is guaranteed even in winter through our long-standing partners in Spain, Italy and Cyprus which are also QS-Gap-certified. Thanks to "Global- Gap", every shipment is traceable back to its origin.